Saturday, May 2, 2015

Gelish Mini "Rake in the Green" Application video and review

A couple days ago I applied Gelish Mini's Rake in the Green to all my nails. Here's the video:
I thought the consistency was a bit strange, I really didn't like it all that much with only two coats applied. I did three thin coats for my right hand, and I feel like the color turned out better that way. I also used Rake in the Green to varnish my toenails, and either the Sally Hansen LED lamp that I used isn't strong enough for it(?) or the polish's consistency has gone bad, since the gel on the edges of my nails seem to have worn off, and on the first day! This would only be my third time applying gel polish, so I don't quite know how to troubleshoot it yet.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's been a while!

It has literally been FOREVER. Having a tiny tot doesn't really help me much when want to write. You know how it goes: "WAAAAAAAH!" and off you go to stick some milk-dispensing device in the little one's mouth.

This post is mostly going to be a reminder of sorts to myself as to what topics I want to research and write about... when I find the time. Also, these are things I've "gotten into."

- cloth diapering
- bare minimum clothing
- barefoot walking/running
- babywearing
- attachment parenting
- squats for beginners (#buildabooty!)
- stretching for flexibility and health

Other things, other things. I've gotten into spinning! I should really blog about all the yarn I spin.

Gotta study for a test right now. And then wash some diapers. And... God knows what else. Vocalise probably.

Seeya later!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lime Crime Velvetines matte lipstick in Suedeberry, swatched and reviewed!

I've been yearning for a new lipstick for quite some time now, and since I'd been eyeing Lime Crime's Velvetines, I thought "why not?"

Velvetines is a matte finish liquid lipstick; and when they say matte, boy, do they mean matte. I ordered Suedeberry, which is listed on the site as a "warm, vibrant strawberry red". It is in NO WAY a strawberry red. It is more a salmon color, which is practically neon, a characteristic aggravated by its matte finish. I don't have a problem with the color being more a neon salmon than a strawberry red, but it looks nothing like this:
which is the swatch from the Lime Crime Facebook page.

It came in a really pretty box, which I was forced to destroy to see the application tips. I could have very well googled the tips, but I was excited to see them for myself, forgetting how sad I would be once I tore the box open and ruined some perfectly beautiful packaging.

It's also rather small, and not a lot of product for what you pay for it (although there a definitely other makeup brands that charge you more for about the same amount).

I started out by applying some lipbalm, then applying two coats, letting the first coat dry before the second application. I wasn't able to achieve full opacity until the third coat, of which I have no picture.

Looks nothing like the official swatch now, does it? It is still by all means a very pretty color, but definitely NOT strawberry red. But since I've been looking for a pretty salmon/coral lipstick for a while, this was definitely still something that made me happy. Since it wasn't a slick feeling lip product, and knowing that it was matte and dry, I didn't lick or press my lips together as much throughout the day. My lips were not dried out though, as one might expect from a matte formula.

Although touted on the website as "touch-proof", it isn't exactly that.

Pardon the bleary eyes, I'd been out and about from 11am-10pm. So much tired :(
I was tempted to touch my lips to feel the finish (I just LOVE that it's matte and not slick or sticky) and to my dismay, color came off on my fingertips. I don't think it affected the look of it on my lips though, so it wasn't that bad, just slightly alarming. It is also NOT kiss-proof, unlike what some reviews I've read say. And no, I did not snog anyone violently before making this statement, I lightly kissed my husband on the cheek to discover that I left a pink, powdery lip print. Despite this, I did not have to do any touch-ups at all for nearly 12 hours, and this was even after eating big greasy slices of pizza.

As for removal, I had tested the product on my mother prior to using it on myself. She said it was difficult to remove, even with soap and water, and was scrambling all over our apartment in search of makeup remover wipes. In my case, I used my regular facial wash, and it came right off.

Would I repurchase this product? DEFINITELY. I love the color, I love the consistency, there is nothing I hate about it in the least (aside from the false advertisement as strawberry red).

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