Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yeah. I got bored and decided to FINALLY use my white wig that my mom's friends had ruined, since they wore it and decided to do some fancy haireography with it.

What n!gg@ told you you could touch my shit bitch? That's my wig. Only reason I didn't send a fork flying your way is because you're my mother's friends.

Anyway, here are some photos. Enjoy.

mo'fo what? :))
Fried Chinese lol
2nd look I did :D
Haku is my handsome cub! My boyfriend actually gave him to me lol so he's my baby :3
Mimicking Ate N!
The ORIGINAL. Walang kasing ganda kapatid ko.
So glam ;)
Pacute lang!

So my lovelies? What do you think? I feel I could have done better, but hey! This is why I practice. :P
I hope I actually get to cosplay soon!

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