Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's been a while!

It has literally been FOREVER. Having a tiny tot doesn't really help me much when want to write. You know how it goes: "WAAAAAAAH!" and off you go to stick some milk-dispensing device in the little one's mouth.

This post is mostly going to be a reminder of sorts to myself as to what topics I want to research and write about... when I find the time. Also, these are things I've "gotten into."

- cloth diapering
- bare minimum clothing
- barefoot walking/running
- babywearing
- attachment parenting
- squats for beginners (#buildabooty!)
- stretching for flexibility and health

Other things, other things. I've gotten into spinning! I should really blog about all the yarn I spin.

Gotta study for a test right now. And then wash some diapers. And... God knows what else. Vocalise probably.

Seeya later!

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