Friday, September 14, 2012

Etude House BB Magic Cream (Moisturizing) review and Moving Car makeup

My first ever eBay purchase, Etude House BB Magic Cream, arrived in the mail about a couple of days ago, and I was so excited to use it! But I thought, "what the heck, I'll use it tomorrow morning for when I go to school". Now, I have a class really early in the morning, so I planned on waking up an hour and a half before I had to leave so I would have time to do this review, but my cellphone alarm had other plans. It didn't go off at all! I wound up waking 15 minutes before I had to leave for school, so I did my makeup in a moving car. Tell me how you think I did (pics at the end)!
I was so excited when thsi came :D
I got this free sample of  "White Moistfull". I'm not sure what it does, but I think it's a  whitening moisturizer? I could easily google this, but I'm too lazy :P

But anyway, on to the review! This BB cream had no special properties aside from being moisturizing. No SPF, no skin whitening at all. It has a slight, pleasant fragrance to it, and is more liquid than I expected it to be (I had tried my sister's Skinfood BB before, and it had felt pasty to me). It was a bit of a challenge getting the pump started, but I got it going after turning it upside down and slightly squeezing it to get the air out.
No flash
with flash

This is my face when I started out, with sunblock prior to BB cream application. I dare not leave the house without sunblock, especially since I've been using papaya soap. I know I look terrible, but that's what happens when you leave the house in a rush! I kinda freak myself out with how horrible I look before I comb my hair in the mornings. There really is a world of difference.

no flash
flash. ew straight on angle

As with most, if not all, BB creams it had a whitish cast immediately upon application. I'm not a very fair-skinned person, so the problem of BB creams having a ghastly color was greatly aggravated by my skin tone. It did even out my skin, but you couldn't really tell until it had oxidized about 20-30 minutes later.

Le ghastly whiteness without flash
Le ghastly whiteness with flash

This is the makeup I managed to put on during the trip to school. And no, there were barely any stops since we just hop on the freeway. I managed not to mess up my liquid liner ;D

After oxidizing, it started to look much better, despite the fact that I was probably too dark for the shade it came in. And after 14 hours of wear, the only spots it really wore off of was my nose and forehead.

After about 30-45 minutes of wear. Jakey is tired! My classmates decided to photobomb :P

This is after 14 hours of wear! :O

This product is perfect for anybody who likes medium coverage, and is fair skinned. It's also moisturizing, so it helps dry skin as well. I like this product well enough, but I don't like the fact that it doesn't have SPF, and that there's only 35ml, when I can get 50ml (Etude House Bright Fit BB Cream) for about $5 more. It does last a long time, since a little goes a long way. My real problem however is that it doesn't really match my skin tone, and the Bright Fit line has darker shades as well as SPF. So no, I won't be repurchasing it, and I'll be getting Bright Fit next time.

Catch ya'll later


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AMBI and Medi Herbs review part 2

     So it's been roughly a month since I started using the Ambi Fade Cream on my face and scars, and approximately 2 weeks(?) since I started using the Medi Herbs soap... and here are the results.

(The before pics can be found in this post)

Both face pics (other one is in above link) were taken in natural lighting at about the same time of day 2 weeks apart. All scar pics were taken with flash.

Puffy eyelids... I'd just woken up :P

     Both scars are significantly lighter, and my face had mostly evened out. I had to use moisturizer often though, since both the fade cream and the papaya soap contained AHA, which is very drying. As maintenance, I also had to use a lot of sunblock to prevent redarkening. I will keep using both products until November. Hopefully, I will have reached my desired result by then. Possible updates by the end of October! :)

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