Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AMBI and Medi Herbs review part 2

     So it's been roughly a month since I started using the Ambi Fade Cream on my face and scars, and approximately 2 weeks(?) since I started using the Medi Herbs soap... and here are the results.

(The before pics can be found in this post)

Both face pics (other one is in above link) were taken in natural lighting at about the same time of day 2 weeks apart. All scar pics were taken with flash.

Puffy eyelids... I'd just woken up :P

     Both scars are significantly lighter, and my face had mostly evened out. I had to use moisturizer often though, since both the fade cream and the papaya soap contained AHA, which is very drying. As maintenance, I also had to use a lot of sunblock to prevent redarkening. I will keep using both products until November. Hopefully, I will have reached my desired result by then. Possible updates by the end of October! :)


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