Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SANA Extra Heavy Eyeliner review

     I went to the local Japanese grocery store with my hubby, and naturally my attention was directed to the makeup aisles. I've been meaning to buy new liquid liner (since my old brush was tatty and drew lines poorly), and this was the cheapest one they had. It cost USD 15, which was less than K-Palette and Dolly Wink.

     It boasts a flattened tip which draws thicker lines, hence the name "extra heavy eyeliner". Thin lines are also possible with this tip, making it a versatile brush. A helpful guide is on the packaging on how to achieve these lines.

Flat side
Thin side

     The product dries almost upon contact with skin, as with most Japanese eyeliners, making a sure hand necessary if you use it. There's no room for mistakes with this kind of liner, since it leaves a blue-grey stain if you try to smudge it off. It's not very pigmented however, and about 2-3 strokes are needed for a solid black line. Here's a little tip though, if you have hooded eyelids or a monolid, don't open your eyes right after application, since it takes a bit of time for it to be completely dry. I ended up with the eyeliner transferring onto my skin from my lashline when I opened my eyes too soon!

Left side: line thicknesses possible
Right side: 1 stroke and 2 strokes. Notice how the rightmost line is darker?

Slightly better pic :)

     This eyeliner is not by any means waterproof, however, it is quite long lasting and does not easily smudge or flake off if applied on clean, dry skin.When I used it, it stayed on all day. It sort of reminds me of India ink, as opposed to eyeliners such as e.l.f. which is more like a black film.

     I've read a few reviews about this eyeliner, and the general sentiment is that it is too difficult to remove. While it does leave a slight dark tint on the skin, I only washed my face twice to get rid of it. On other reviews, it has been said fancy makeup removers cannot remove it easily. I don't know if it is my skin type or if I'm very lucky, since it was no more difficult to wash off than most makeup for me.

After washing my hand with just water
Good ol'soap. You did not betray me :D

     Overall, I really like this eyeliner, except for the fact that you need to layer it on to get a solid black. I would most likely repurchase this item when I run out of it.

More product reviews to come in the near future!


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