Friday, August 17, 2012

Ambi and Medi Herbs lightening soap review week 2 and 1 respectively

     I decided my skin wasn't looking as even as it could, and decided to use the tube of Ambi Fade Cream on my scars and areas I deemed darker than the rest of my face. It's been two weeks since I've been using the cream regularly on my forehead and nose. Sadly, I don't have a before picture, but here's one after two weeks. Sorry about the gross hair, I haven't been taking good care of it for a while >,< staying at home makes me lazy :(

meh, no makeup, no hairbrush = vacation look XD
     I've always had a problem with my cheeks being lighter than the rest of my face, especially since buying foundation gets a little tricky. I don't want a thick foundation which feels cakey, and I want only  enough coverage to even out my skin tone. Unfortunately, my skin tone varies across my face as the foundation wears off during the course of the day, I end up looking really weird since my nose is dark.

   I also put the fade cream on my scars on my arms and legs, and these are a couple of the darker ones.

    I'll be posting photos if there is any improvement over the next month. I feel like the scars are lightening up a bit, but it could just be my imagination :P

   I just started using the Medi Herbs soap yesterday, so we'll see if I can get lightening faster with this being used in tandem with the Ambi. However, I only have two bars of the stuff, as I can't seem to find this soap anywhere on the internet! I might have to switch to a different papaya soap when I run out of it.

   So, I'll be posting updates on this in maybe about a month! I'm hoping for the best :)



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