Monday, May 2, 2011

I am at my very last kiamoy (li hing mui)

Or at least I was. I ate it up now. And I have no idea where I'm going to get more. I just had my friend Jean Aguilar bring this home from the Philippines for me, for which I am grateful. According to what i've read here on the interwebz, I can probably get more at a Hawaiian or Asian grocery. No Hawaiian groceries here, and certainly none in the Asian groceries I've been to. I am very SAD.

Here is my kiamoy before I ate it all up (not in one go, mind you):

The price of kiamoy seems to have gone up quite a bit! It used to cost just around Php 30! (around less than US$1)

I shall wait for the next time I will be able to eat this sweet, sweet treat (not literally sweet though LOL). Goodbye, my sweet nomnom.

Note: I do have two tupperwares full of the stuff, but that's regulated by my parents. I'd rather not eat it. :(

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