Monday, May 23, 2011


So I guess this means I'm artistic after all! Yehey! I look to competitions to validate my existence! Lol jk. But really. I am so glad I won! I'll have the chance to own my very own Lime Crime Magic Dust! I've dreamt about this for years! Well, ever since Lime Crime Makeup came about anyway. But I never dreamed I'd even be doing such outrageous makeup looks in the first place, and without Doe Deere and Lime Crime, I would have probably never dared to step out of the typical scene/emo/goth makeup look. I wouldn't have actually dared to paint my face as if I was going out on a stage. And why not? Isn't the world a stage? Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH LIME CRIME.

A link to the contest winners photo :3

And the photo itself (the comments and caption is much more interesting though :3)

Thank you so much, to the people who believed in me, and inspired me, even when I myself thought I was instafail. Thanks so much for slapping some sense into me. This would not have been possible at all without you.


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