Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So my parents about killed me for bleaching my hair, and my dad told me to do it when I was "independent".

Excuse me? Who would hire me if my hair was purple? There's a reason kids do this while they're in college and shit like that!

Another thing my dad told me before was I could do it when I was no longer studying in Angelicum. I bleached my hair right after I graduated. Of course, he got mad and said I should do it in the USA, because I'd draw the attention of the squatters and they would probably bully/murder me being the ruthless, mindless mobs most of them are.

Now that I'm in the USA, he says I should do it when I'm independent. WHEN I'M INDEPENDENT? He may very well have told me to do it when I was a grandmother with graying hair and wrinkly skin. Because I'll never be free to do what I want with my appearance if I wanted a job that payed decent money and didn't require me to be Lady GaGa. And when I AM a grandmother, it wouldn't even look good on me at all!

What's worse, whenever we see women and occasionally men with cool looking blonde or pink or blue hair, my dad would go "Oh look! Her hair's pretty!"

So it's okay on any other girl as long as it's not me? AWESOME. Sometimes, I just don't get my parents.

Anyway, I don't think it looks BAD on me. Although I could use another round of bleaching and a little toner, then my hair will be good to go.

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