Friday, July 1, 2011

Nicki Minaj makeup look

I decided to play around with my makeup again after seeing my friend Nadine Ibay's current profile picture, wherein here caption was a line from SuperBass.

To tell the truth, that's the only Nicki Minaj song I know. :|

So anyway, here are a few photos from my little experiment.

Taken after putting on the darkest foundation I had...
only to be dismayed by the fact that the lighting washed it out again.
This is probably step 4: apply eyeshadow :P
Finished makeup with the first lipstick I tried... I didn't like it much so...
...I blended some foundation on my lipgloss and eyeshadow lipstick.
After I had put on makeup, the next step of course is to put on my wig. Unfortunately, it's so short that I didn't end up looking like Nicki at all.

ARGH. The bangs are too high
I fixed the wig after having taken about 50 photos and noticing that my bangs were too high.
I look like a ganguro girl, haha! :D
I gave up on the wig after about 80 pictures :P
Uhm... yeah.
Le boyfriend told me that if my hair was pink this would have been perfect
My eyes look so big here!

After a few more shots, I decided to give the goddamn puffy eye look a go. If it worked for Promise Tamang Phan, why shouldn't it work for me?

Unfortunately, I think I looked like a heroin addict instead of a puffy eyed glamor girl.

Anyway, if you've been patient enough, you'll see what you came here for:

Seriously, I think this is the only face Nicki Minaj makes.

So anyway, I just felt like sharing pictures. This wasn't a real blogpost. :P

Later lovers.


Dolce Devereaux

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