Sunday, July 3, 2011


I went to the beach yesterday, and got injured so many times and almost got pulled in by the ocean... it's claiming me! D: I think it's because I made fun of Davey Jones... Good thing there were some life guards around with their gasoline smelling jetski.

Anyway, I wrote this to tell you guys that aside from the fact that my charges (I was sorta watching kids) effed me up because they didn't want to "drown" (seriously, I don't think they could drown in water that went up to their navels no matter how dumb they were) and the little boy punching me in the boob and inflicting multiple scratches to me with his nails from clinging on to me and them both getting sand in my eyes, they even pulled me back into the water because they weren't done playing with me (it's not like they couldn't go "swimming" without me). Because the waves were so damn insane, it was swishing kelp all over the place. And because the kids wouldn't let me go or go back to shower so we could go home already, some a-hole piece of kelp sliced at my leg making it sting like a mutha; I could barely even walk. At least that finally convinced the kids to finally go take a shower which was awesome since I've had it with the ocean for the rest of July.

And now I wake up and this is the glorious rash that I find on my leg! Awesome! I knew this kind of stuff would happen, because this kinda effed up stuff happens to me ALL the time.
Can you see that shit? I tell you, it's far worse in person.
And here's a comparison between my normal leg and my effed up leg.

Do you see how bad that is? And let me tell you, it both itches and stings at the same time.

Later in the afternoon I decided to take another picture of it after putting some steroidal ointment on it... It had flattened but reddened.

This is why I hate children. Especially those two. D:< *shakes fist*

one pissed off babysitter
Dolce Devereaux

EDIT: My friend told me it could have been a tiny jellyfish. I was right between those children and they were practically hugging me. Why just me, Lord, why just me?

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